Eastern Idaho Family Photography: The Guthrie’s

September 21, 2016

Meet the Guthries!


This family is a family after my own heart! Not only are they ridiculously good looking, but they are super photogenic! They are the epitome of the best model’s ever!


Ren | Emily | Jaymison | Andelyn

Family = Good looking.

Let me tell you a fun story about this photoshoot…..

When we were moving positions for a new pose, my lovely assistant Laikin helped me move this tumbleweed that was in the way. All of the sudden poor Jaymie started crying, and she is pretty easy to work with. She said a prickle got her. We were standing in the middle of a field, but we were near prickly weeds. But not super near anything in particular so it was odd. All of the sudden, Laikin starts screaming, like REALLY screaming! Apparently, as she was running around the field trying to get four bee’s out from her shirt! There in the tumbleweed we moved, we saw a hive! So poor Jaymie actually got stung! As I was trying to get the bee’s out of Laikin’s shirt, I got stung a few times! I’m actually allergic to bee’s, so my arm got stung twice and then I had 4 stings up my side. Needless to say I was swollen by the end of the night and Laikin and I ended up going to the doctor.


BUT… what impressed me the most about this wonderful family, is the love they share for each other.


Both of these two little girls have more sass in their little finger than I do in my entire being! Which is saying alot! They are always smiling, like…..ALWAYS! And little Andelyn is cutting teeth! I was so impressed at how well these kids were able to behave!



Lets all swoon over Ren and his daughters. He is SOOOO wrapped up around these two its adorable! I absolutely love seeing him with his family!

east-idaho-family-1 east-idaho-family-2

And this woman…….

Emily is what I like to call #momgoals…. She has it all put together even if she doesn’t think so. Her kids always look amazing, and so does she actually. But she is the sweetest person alive. And she is hysterical to boot.


This was my all time favorite photo from this shoot. Do you like it better in black and white or color? I cant decide!




Ok, so maybe I lied. THIS photo was my favorite. I also cant decide between black and white and color….They liked black and white more, but man who doesn’t love an idaho sunset!???


These two are so in love, it really is inspired. Seriously… #relationshipgoals


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