Idaho Falls Photography: Couples and Engagements

January 17, 2016

I have done a lot of sessions in the last month! I’m so excited to share these with you! Meet Trevor and Emily Guthrie. Aren’t they stinking adorable?Idaho Falls Photography


Something that I loved about their relationship is there was NO DOUBT that they are in love! They have been married for a little over two years. They both teach ballroom dancing at a studio in North Carolina. They both hold very prestigious titles in the ballroom world and it definitely paid off in some of the photo’s! And plus, they are beautiful people. I would love to share some of my favorites with you!

Idaho Falls Photography-3


So obviously it was FAREEEZING! They were such troopers. They trudged through the snow and never complained. They would only cuddle up closer together. At least it gave them a good excuse.

Idaho Falls Photography-22

They had such interesting light for their shoot. It gave off this interesting glow that was very dreamy. Trevor mentioned while we were shooting that nothing shows off how beautiful a girl is than her man looking at her, cause it is always so apparent in their faces. TRUE STORY! I think they are so in love and it was very apparent in the way they looked at each other!

Idaho Falls Photography-31


Idaho Falls Photography-42


I mentioned these two are dancers….. I cannot tell you how amazing it is for your models to have dance experience. Its like they already know how to stand up as strait as they can, how to smile even if you dont feel like it, and they just know how to carry themselves. These two weren’t afraid to try anything.

Idaho Falls Photography

This is a little hard to tell, but they are on a small cliff, and one more step forward, Emily would have been face first on a frozen river! We saw the ledge, that in the summer I utilize for people to look over the river, makes a great photo, but they totally went for it! Poor Emily!


Idaho Falls Photography-51

Idaho Falls Photography-55

Idaho Falls Photography-58


Lets talk about this amazing lighting! Between the beautiful natural light, and the beautiful bone structure these two have, it made for some perfect black and white images. I am so amazed at how wonderful these two were to work with!

Idaho Falls Photography

Idaho Falls Photography-61

Idaho Falls Photography-65



And then there was an elevator….. This elevator helped capture the beautiful essance of their “stolen moments”. They were such troopers as I used my off camera flash, trying to get the perfect photo, and try to make the elevator stay on the same floor.

Idaho Falls Photography-72

Idaho Falls Photography-73


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