Idaho Family Photography: The Howards

June 12, 2018

Meet the Howards:


The Howards are one of my all time favorite families ever. Jen and Jim are the nicest people I’ve ever met. Celicia and Tyler are adorable together, and have welcomed a beautiful baby since this photo. Riley is this cool cat that is supper chill. Jessiny the baby is my spirit animal. She likes Llamas…. Alpacas? I’m not sure but its amazing.



We took these family photo’s at The Venue in Rigby. They offer a great packages for family photo spaces. They have an awesome brick wall, white shiplap wall, fireplace and other options as well.



The best family photo’s have a combination of poses and people. From all of the family, to all of the girls, the boys, and individuals.







This was my all time favorite of the day. Shows their personalities so great!


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