Idaho Portrait Photographer: My trip to Florida

June 13, 2018

So in April of 2017 my husband and I went to Florida. We flew into Orlando and drove to Tampa/Seminole area to visit with friends and to enjoy our time away from life. Its so beautiful there. The beaches were nice and pristine and there wasn’t a ton of people where we were. We did go up to Clearwater and there were a ton of people there, but for the most part it was warm but not crazy, and not too humid. We even saw an alligator. Just floating around in their public parks. That was something that I dont think I can get on board with. But I did get to take photo’s of these handsome, studly men.

Idaho photography

Idaho photography

Haden is an aspiring musician and you should definitely check him out. Youtube. And lets talk about his beautiful hair.

Some girls get jealous of guys eyelashes, but I can appriciate good hair when I see it.


Idaho photography Idaho photography

These photo’s were taken at a local park in Seminole. They had this beautiful landing and tower that just had the best view. Seriously….. the only downside to this space was the bugs!



Idaho photography


Idaho photography


There were these tiny bugs called “Noseeums”, and I barely even felt them when they bite. But when we got back to their house later that night, I looked down and I had already started scratching the 178 bites I got. That isn’t even an exaggeration. That is the literal number of times I got bit. I cant even imagine how many times the boys got bit or their mom. So next time I am wearing a gallon of bug spray, and you better believe I’m coming back to Seminole!

Idaho photography

  1. Tara Iglinski says:

    You are such an incredible photographer! And we love seeing you in Florida- someday I’ll get you to move here because I want you to take our family photos for the rest of our lives!


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