Teton Wedding Photography: Adventure day

July 22, 2019

The beauty of being a photographer, is I get to take photo’s of beautiful things. Beautiful people, beautiful brides and grooms, beautiful families, beautiful items, and beautiful scenery. One of my favorite things is combining these beautiful things. Taking photo’s with beautiful people in beautiful scenery is the cherry on top! (How many times can I say beautiful?) I have compiled some of my favorite locations for your perfect Teton wedding photos.

Taking photo’s in the Grand Teton National forest is my all time favorite past time. Many of my clients want to go to the breathtaking backdrop of the Tetons for photos. Many people want a scene as awe-inspiring as possible to make their engagements, bridals, or even wedding photo’s really shine.

I wanted to show the different spots you can go to in the Grand Teton National Forest, so I put together a styled wedding/engagement shoot and traveled through the Tetons. This will be a great guide for your Teton weddings. For more of my wedding work click here.




My models Jessiny Howard and Kim Smith. How beautiful are they? They were good friends so it made my styled shoot all the more enjoyable. We packed up early in the morning and first stopped in Victor, ID on our way to the Tetons.  There is a small pond as you go up the Jackson pass from Victor and this stream was slightly behind. While the water was freezing, it made for a beautiful green area to take photos. It may not be in the Tetons, but it will make a great stop on your Teton wedding trip.



This next photo was taken on the top of the Jackson Pass.  At the time, there were a few wildfires near us that created this haze in the valley below. Taking engagements here was beautiful. The wildflowers were out and the valley below where Wilson and Jackson Hole, Wyoming is just breathtaking. This was stop #2 on our way to the Grand Tetons.



This next photo may not look like an engagement per-say. To me it looks like an indie band album cover. Jessiny sings like an angel, but as far as I know, isn’t in a band, but hey… if she ever does start one up she has photos she could use. This location is near String Lakes in the Grand Teton National Forest.



Kim models for many local photographers and businesses in Idaho and Utah. His natural chemistry with everyone he works with is amazing. This next photo was so dreamy. I also think that with this look, it could be featured in American Eagle. String lakes and Jenny lakes are a perfect location for your Teton wedding.




Here are our styled bridal photos. Floral Art in Idaho Falls provided this beautiful wildflower looking bouquet. If I were to get married again, this is the bouquet I would want. They do such a beautiful job and I love working with them. She has a way of doing more that you ever expected flowers to look. I highly suggest using them. If you are getting married in the Tetons, it may be worth the short drive to Idaho Falls to complete your perfect Teton wedding look.



I am so glad I had the models I did because this shoot required a bit of hiking. We hiked the Taggart Lake trail in the Grand Teton National Forest, which is roughly a 3.8 mile hike. Jessiny here is a veteran hiker. And she hiked most of the hike in this dress. And still managed to stay gorgeous. I was a sweaty mess, but hey as long as she looked good.  Probably because we had a hair and make up artist with us the entire day! Mary Beltran, who owns Rooted.Salon in Idaho Falls was with us the entire day. She created multiple looks and works of art out of the back of my car. She is talented in many ways and I was so happy she came along for the day.






I’m not gonna lie, I may have waded in the water up to my chest for many of these photos. But come on, so worth it!


Don’t believe me? Here is a behind the scenes look.






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